Author Services From Concept to Publication

As our name suggests, Chrysalis Editorial is about transformation. Whether you’re looking for a critique of your manuscript, a copy edit, or help developing the book you’ve been dreaming of, we’re here to help you transform your writing into publishable form. With us you’ll receive in-depth, honest feedback, get suggestions for your next steps, and learn how to achieve your writing goals.

No matter what your needs are, and regardless of your writing level, at Chrysalis your project will receive careful, individual attention. You should not settle for a product that isn’t the best you can produce.  Anything less and you are cheating yourself.

It is our sincere wish that your work be published. We imagine that’s your wish too. Let an experienced editor help you get there. Visit our Services page for a full description of what we offer:

• Manuscript critiques for fiction & non-fiction
• Query letters and book proposals
• Agent and publishing advice (ebooks, too!)
• Coaching/mentoring
• Ghostwriting
• Copy & line editing

Tell us about your writing project:  Send us an email.

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Herta and Emily proved to do everything they promised they would do, and more: honing, revising, and refining my manuscript. Their not so subtle critiques were invaluable in my tedious rewrite stage and in transforming my work into better and publishable shape. – Dr. Asome Bide, MD (author, As Waters Gone By)

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