After making the decision to write a memoir about my time among Tanzania’s Maasai, I met Herta at a writing conference where I showed her an early draft of my book proposal. She took the time to look at it, and I recognized immediately her sharp eye for details, her good instincts for what works and what doesn’t, and her capacity to be a trusted advisor and mentor to me in completing my book. Over the course of the last several years, I have worked with Herta mostly via email and Skype, as she lives in Washington and I live in The Netherlands. Her editing skills are exceptional, and she has a good sense of when and how to push me in order to evoke my best work. My book is better and my writing is stronger because of her coaching. In short, I couldn’t have completed my manuscript without her. Herta remains my champion—something every writer needs. —Julie Cutler, author

Writing Coach/Mentor


Chrysalis Editorial provides coaching services for a variety of clients. Whether you live locally or remotely, we offer ongoing, one-on-one guidance to enhance your writing and to complete your writing project, whatever it may be (novel, short stories, memoir, non-fiction, proposal, etc).

Even if you don’t have a particular project in the works, our coaching services can offer tailored assignments and critiques.

 I began working with Herta in 2010 and in less than two years, my first book was published in June of 2012 and I have another book under contract. If you are interested in results, then Herta is the person. If you are interested in developing as a writer, then Herta is the person. If you are interested in working with a professional who meets deadlines and is easy to do business with, then Herta is the person. 
–Marty Martin
(non-fiction, The Inner World of Money: Taking Control of Financial Decisions and Behavior)

No matter what your project, we will help you:

  • Define your goals (whether they are to complete a writing project, find an agent or publisher, launch a blog or website, or self-publish a book),
  • Develop a plan to achieve those goals
  • Create a timeline for your project’s completion
  • Establish and support your writing discipline
  • Regularly meet with you in person or via telephone or Skype*
  • Periodically assess your progress and change strategy if you’re not achieving the desired result
  • Provide feedback and edit your work on an ongoing basis

If you are working on a specific non-fiction project, you will receive assistance in everything from brainstorming and outlining your work to editing each page and chapter, as well as development of the proposal and author platform.


Herta Feely and her colleagues at Chrysalis Editorial are the best! Not only did they provide helpful suggestions and necessary edits to what I wrote, Herta was gentle–yet persistent–in getting me to finish the text in the first place! Were it not for her, I might still be dawdling! 
-Les Francis, DC-based public affairs consultant and aspiring author


If you are working on a novel, memoir or short story collection, you will receive critiques on your project’s fictional elements (characters, plot, dialogue, voice, point-of-view, etc.) to help both you and your writing stay focused. You will receive feedback on each chapter or revision. We can also give you assignments to move your work along at the pace you want.

If you’re simply hoping to improve your writing (but don’t have a particular project in mind), we can provide you with exercises and prompts focused on the areas of your writing that need the most improvement. You will receive feedback and constructive criticism for each of your writing samples.



My experience with Herta over the past eighteen months has been rewarding. She has been thorough, supportive, encouraging, appropriately critical when needed, and always sought and been open to my ideas, thoughts, and direction in all the writings we have discussed. She will have played a major role in this writing journey when my work is published.
– Roger Marum, PhD, blogs about spirituality and psychology:


You can improve your writing no matter what your schedule or location. We can work with you in person or remotely, via email, telephone or Skype. We Skype with clients in Illinois, Vermont, California, and other parts of the US, not to mention in places as far flung as Italy and Holland.


Herta helped me resurrect a book I started fifteen years ago. Due to her fabulous coaching, in very short order I have really managed to get some traction and wonderful results. She has kept me on point, brilliantly editing my work and making suggestions both large and small. Organization is not my middle name, so her ability to help me stick to deadlines and prioritize next steps has been invaluable. It all comes down to respect for the teacher, and I have the highest regard for Herta’s intellect, her writing abilities and her strength in editing and coaching.
–Kathy Pasley (non-fiction, Depression: A Hurt in Your Soul and How to Heal It)


Thank you for your very professional criticism, editing, and encouragement as I have tried to convert amateurish scribblings into something resembling true creative writing. I began putting words on paper when I was a teenager, but it wasn’t until you included one of  my pieces in, Confessions: Fact or Fiction?,that I finally decided to make a serious effort to write a book of my own. That I can now see the possibility is due in no small measure to your skilled help in honestly critiquing and editing each chapter. 
Larry Russell, U.S. Foreign Service Officer, ret. (work in progress, Some Things That May Have Happened: Memories of Southern Salad Days)