Herta Feely and her colleagues at Chrysalis Editorial are the best! Not only did they provide helpful suggestions and necessary edits to what I wrote, Herta was gentle–yet persistent–in getting me to finish the text in the first place! Were it not for her, I might still be dawdling!  -Les Francis, DC-based public affairs consultant and aspiring author

Herta and Emily proved to do everything they promised they would do, and more: honing, revising, and refining my manuscript. Their not so subtle critiques were invaluable in my tedious rewrite stage and in transforming my work into better and publishable shape. – Dr. Asome Bide, MD (author, As Waters Gone By)

Herta Feely was a Godsend when it came to helping me rewrite a proposal for my book, which was finally accepted by my agent and then by my publisher. When I first met with Herta, we connected immediately and she was instrumental in helping reveal my true self in a very personal story. Hats off to her and her hard work! –Lee DiPietro (Memoir, Against the Wind, Skyhorse Publishing, Sept 2015)

To my editor, Herta B. Feely, I owe special thanks for her sensibility and ability to transform into flowing English my Hungarian way of thinking and writing without altering what I intended to say. I appreciate her thoroughness and patience, sorting out nearly 600 pages to 340. It was exciting working with her. She did a superb job.–Anna Koczak (memoir, A Single Yellow Rose)

Emily Williamson is a writer’s editor. She takes the time to learn your goals, strengths and weaknesses. She knows how to frame a story and asks the kind of questions readers and other editors do. Her comments are insightful, focused and consistent. I highly recommend her services. –Jerry Mikorenda, (author of The Last Freedom Rider and The Whaler’s Daughter)

Finding Herta and Emily was, for us, just one of those incredible coincidences that guide our lives. I think that no one could have understood our needs as they did. The editing process was very complex: days and days of work, many emails and Skype sessions. Only their resolution and open-mindedness could have helped to choose and find the right words. The end result was a beautiful book, which I could not stop reading. —Tiziano Tazzi, President, Fondazione SAMIARC about: The Healer of the 13th Ray, by Sergio Mari

I began working with Herta in 2010, and in less than two years, my first book was published in June of 2012. I have another book under contract. If you are interested in results, then Herta is the person. If you are interested in developing as a writer, then Herta is the person. If you are interested in working with a professional who meets deadlines and is easy to do business with, then Herta is the person. -Marty Martin (author, The Inner World of Money: Taking Control of Financial Decisions)

In being able to focus on detail and perspective, Herta gives her clients the best of both worlds. She is as talented with copy editing as she is with discussing broader structural issues. Her work clarified significant issues, enabling me to complete an immensely satisfying rewrite of my manuscript. Herta is perceptive and genuinely interested in the writer’s process. Her critique is generous, muscular, and thorough. I highly recommend her services. -Sandra Hunter (novel, Losing Touch, Oneworld)

Herta’s enthusiasm for my work was certainly very welcome, given that writers generally receive a lot of rejections. Her ideas for improvement were thoughtful and on the mark. Herta is a great editor and advocate for writers. -Jyotsna Sreenivasan  (novel, And Laughter Fell From the Sky, William Morrow)

Working with Herta was like getting a whirlwind course in creative writing. In editing my work, she helped me…clarify story, plot, and character. The end result was a tighter, more concise, and infinitely more readable manuscript. –Cynthia Tocci (YA novel, Stone Voice Rising, Harcourt)

After making the decision to write a memoir about my time among Tanzania’s Maasai, I met Herta at a writing conference where I showed her an early draft of my book proposal. She took the time to look at it, and I recognized immediately her sharp eye for details, her good instincts for what works and what doesn’t, and her capacity to be a trusted advisor and mentor to me in completing my book. Over the course of the last several years, I have worked with Herta mostly via email and Skype, as she lives in Washington and I live in The Netherlands. Her editing skills are exceptional, and she has a good sense of when and how to push me in order to evoke my best work. My book is better and my writing is stronger because of her coaching. In short, I couldn’t have completed my manuscript without her. Herta remains my champion—something every writer needs. —Julie Cutler, author

 I began working with Herta in 2010 and in less than two years, my first book was published in June of 2012 and I have another book under contract. If you are interested in results, then Herta is the person. If you are interested in developing as a writer, then Herta is the person. If you are interested in working with a professional who meets deadlines and is easy to do business with, then Herta is the person.  –Marty Martin (non-fiction, The Inner World of Money: Taking Control of Financial Decisions and Behavior)

Emily Williamson’s faith and enthusiasm for my work and her advocacy meant a great deal to me, as did her judgment.  She is a first-rate professional who became my friend and confidant as well as my agent. –Jack Gilden, (author of Collision of Wills: Johnny Unitas, Don Shula, and the Rise of the Modern NFL)

My experience with Herta over the past eighteen months has been rewarding. She has been thorough, supportive, encouraging, appropriately critical when needed, and always sought and been open to my ideas, thoughts, and direction in all the writings we have discussed. She will have played a major role in this writing journey when my work is published. – Roger Marum, PhD, blogs about spirituality and psychology: www.yourreluctantdisciple.com.  

Herta helped me resurrect a book I started fifteen years ago. Due to her fabulous coaching, in very short order I have really managed to get some traction and wonderful results. She has kept me on point, brilliantly editing my work and making suggestions both large and small. Organization is not my middle name, so her ability to help me stick to deadlines and prioritize next steps has been invaluable. It all comes down to respect for the teacher, and I have the highest regard for Herta’s intellect, her writing abilities and her strength in editing and coaching. –Kathy Pasley (non-fiction, Depression: A Hurt in Your Soul and How to Heal It)

Thank you for your very professional criticism, editing, and encouragement as I have tried to convert amateurish scribblings into something resembling true creative writing. I began putting words on paper when I was a teenager, but it wasn’t until you included one of  my pieces in, Confessions: Fact or Fiction?,that I finally decided to make a serious effort to write a book of my own. That I can now see the possibility is due in no small measure to your skilled help in honestly critiquing and editing each chapter.  -Larry Russell, U.S. Foreign Service Officer, ret. (work in progress, Some Things That May Have Happened: Memories of Southern Salad Days)

Herta, you can tell the world that I love working with you. I’m not an accomplished writer, so your patience with me and your wonderful insights really help and motivate me. You, in short, make the process thoroughly enjoyable. -Malcolm Lassman (memoir in progress)

In my experience, there are editors who excel in the minutia of comma and semicolon while others reach best across the wide chasm of plot and characterization. Herta Feely’s editorial purview revealed itself in the form of a utilitarian midi-cosm which proved highly valuable to my novel; my book is better now. -David Reynolds, The Peabody Institute (novel, A Woman the Taste of Almonds)

 Herta’s evaluation of my essay collection was extremely useful–well worth the investment. I had shelved my manuscript but now feel encouraged to continue work and seek publication eventually. Thank you, Herta. -Melvin Adams (memoir, Netting the Sun: A Personal Geography of the Oregon Desert)

I would not have received a book contract had it not been for Herta. She helped me revive a project that I had abandoned a year earlier. She helped me rethink and reorganize the project in a way that rekindled my interest and energy. She was emotionally supportive and encouraging while providing invaluable assistance in organizing and editing the material. Herta is knowledgeable about the world of publishing and able to provide practical advice about how to structure a proposal. She is rare in her ability to listen and to understand exactly what is needed to move forward. Herta has all the skills anyone might need who is looking for assistance with a writing project. –Barbara Blitzer (The Infertility Patient’s Mind-Body & Stress Reduction Workbook)

Herta knows the business. She’s a highly skilled writer and editor. she helped me find my “voice” and honed my work until it was accepted for publication! -Tobias Lanz (non-fiction, The Life and Fate of the Indian Tiger, ABC-CLIO)