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Finding Herta and Emily was, for us, just one of those incredible coincidences that guide our lives. I think that no one could have understood our needs as they did. The editing process was very complex: days and days of work, many emails and Skype sessions. Only their resolution and open-mindedness could have helped to choose and find the right words. The end result was a beautiful book, which I could not stop reading. Tiziano Tazzi, President, Fondazione SAMIARC about: The Healer of the 13th Ray, by Sergio Mari





Thank you so much, Herta. I am laughing because I think I am posing such a challenge for you. But your guidance has been invaluable, and I’ve never heard this type of input before. I admire your talents and tenacity and appreciate your encouragement. Here’s to my next rewrite! -Irene Schindler (YA novel, Dirty Laundry)