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I think that no one could have understood our needs as Herta and Emily did. They began working on our long manuscript, which we had previously - roughly - translated from Italian into English, with a mix of spiritual, technical and esoteric themes. And the end result was a beautiful book, which I could not stop reading. The editing process was very complex: days and days of work, many emails and Skype sessions to try to uncover the original meaning of the teachings of Sergio Mari, the Italian author who doesn’t speak English, with Herta and Emily always willing to deeply understand and describe each of the most complex spiritual and technical issues. Only their resolution and open-mindedness could help to choose and find the right words. Finding Herta and Emily, for us, was just one of those incredible coincidences that guide our lives. -Tiziano Tazzi, President, Fondazione SAMIARC about: The Healer of the 13th Ray, by Sergio Mari