Does one of the following fit your situation?

  • You need someone to write your fabulous novel, memoir, or work of non-fiction.
  • You’ve written half of the book and can’t find the motivation to finish it.
  • You’ve simply run out of ideas.
  • The prospect of revising your memoir or novel is too overwhelming.
  • You only need a chapter or an introduction, but you can’t seem to write it.
  • Your deadline for an article or book proposal looms and you’re experiencing writer’s block.

Well, don’t panic. Chrysalis Editorial’s Ghostwriting Service can help you and your project reach the finish line. Herta has worked with a variety of clients on assignments that have varied from letters to partial chapters to full-length books.

Please Note:

One of the most important considerations in such an endeavor is to feel a rapport with your “ghost.”  Remember, this is a collaborative effort.  We will be committed to developing a good rapport with you, to “channel” your feelings and your perspective, and build an understanding of the vision you have for the book.  Under your direction, we’ll complete the project so that what appears on the page is in your voice, or one that you specify.


Ghostwriting is becoming increasingly more popular.  Some sources say that up to 40% of published books were written by someone other than the listed author. (Greg Mortensen’s Three Cups of Tea, for example)


To my editor, Herta B. Feely, I owe special thanks for her sensibility and ability to transform into flowing English my Hungarian way of thinking and writing without altering what I intended to say. I appreciate her thoroughness and patience, sorting out nearly 600 pages to 340. It was exciting working with her. She did a superb job. – Anna Koczak (memoir, A Single Yellow Rose)