Emily Williamson


In my time with Chrysalis Editorial I’ve enjoyed helping a wide variety of authors with their novels, short stories, essays and memoir. It’s always an interesting and gratifying process, and I often draw lessons and inspiration from our clients as well. My specialties are manuscript critiques, publishing advice, developmental editing, and query letter writing.

My critiques are sensitive to the fact that an author is taking a big step in putting his or her work out there for review. But I won’t coddle you. In my experience with Chrysalis I’ve found that writers appreciate an honest, constructive critique, and this helps them enjoy the process of revision. It’s a great pleasure seeing authors improve their skills, gain confidence in their writing, and achieve their goals.

My Writing

I’ve been working on two novels these days, and one day I’ll finish! I currently have a completed short story collection as well. My short stories have appeared in Blackbird, Word Riot, and Peacock Journal. Another was a finalist in Glimmer Trains Fiction Open in 2012. And my poetry has appeared in The Waterhouse Review and is forthcoming in Measure and Jersey Devil Press.

You can read more about my writing and my experience as a literary agent at my website: www.WilliamsonLit.com

The Past

DSCF0020I am a refugee from another career. Before pursuing a career in writing and editing, I was a professional archaeologist for 13 years. The way I use my writing and editing skills today extends back into my former life. As a field director and environmental consultant for a small firm in western Wyoming I edited hundreds of technical documents and reports. Although I mostly edit fiction now, I welcome the opportunity to work on non-fiction/technical pieces as well. My knowledge in that area is pretty solid.


I received a Master of Arts in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University in 2012 and I have a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from American University, which I earned in 1997.