Copy Editing

Perhaps you’ve finished your final draft, and you are ready for a copy edit. Chrysalis Editorial offers several levels of editing services, depending on your need.

From our perspective, there are three levels of editing: copy editing, line editing, and developmental editing. For our purposes, we consider developmental edits the same as a manuscript critique. So if that’s the service that best suits your needs, I suggest you see our MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUE SERVICE.

Often, writers request a combination of copy edits and a manuscript critique. While we charge differently for these two services, the fee is reduced when they are done simultaneously. However, we usually don’t recommend joining a copy edit with a critique. The reason is simple – if you are still in the revision phase, line edits may very well end up on the cutting-room floor. Hence, an early copy edit may be a waste of your money. Best to wait until after you’ve finished the final rewrite.

Copy Edit

A basic level of editing, which corrects errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Copy editing does not address the content or quality of your writing – it solely corrects technical errors.

Line Edit:

A more detailed line-by-line process of editing, which corrects spelling, grammar and punctuation, but also includes suggestions of improvement in syntax, style, word choice and language register or diction, and paragraph and sentence construction.

Whether your project is a full-length novel, short fiction, an essay, or a work of non-fiction, our copy and line editing services will whip your piece into shape. This is what most manuscripts need before being submitted to agents, publishers, literary magazines, professors, etc.