Herta B. Feely
Emily Williamson


Herta Feely and Chrysalis Editorial have been absolutely dedicated and professional in helping me improve my manuscript. Their instincts and hard work have proved invaluable as I move forward in bringing my next novel to the marketplace.

– Tom Coffey

(author of Blood Alley Miami Twilight, The Serpent Club, and Bright Morning Star (April 2015, Oak Tree Press)).



Please note: We are not accepting new authors at the present time.

However, when we were looking for clients to represent, we accepted both fiction and non-fiction writers.

In terms of fiction, we tend to prefer literary fiction. In the end, however, we accepted authors of a variety of fiction, including historical, commercial women’s fiction, young adult, and even middle grade, along with literary fiction.

Tom Coffey’s Bright Morning Star, a work of historical fiction that takes place in early 20th century New York, came out on April 20, 2015! We are also shopping Evan Balkan’s Spitfire (historical middle grade story about a girl who wants to play on a boys’ ice hockey team in the 1950s) and Jen Michalski’s Rabbits Singing (a bittersweet coming-of-age story set in 1970s Rhode Island). Both Evan Balkan and Jen Michalski  have had several books published by an assortment of publishers.

In terms of non-fiction, we like books that are either spiritual in nature, or address some injustice in the world. However, one never knows what will appeal until it arrives on your desk. In this case, I’m referring to an author who has written a terrific book on revising fiction.

We represent Mark Farrington’s Flowers of Afterthought: The Art of Revising Fiction because we feel it’s a sorely needed book, as well the spiritual books of Kathleen Pasley (The 10 Mind Traps of Depression) and Sergio Mari (Healer of the 13th Ray: From Spiritual Awakening to Energy Healing).

We also represent Tobias Lanz, author of The Life and Fate of the Indian Tiger (ABC-CLIO), who has multiple degrees and teaches at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Lanz paints a detailed portrait of the history and life in the wild of the tiger, of which there are fewer than 3,000 worldwide, the majority living in India. His book outlines the programs and policies enacted to save the Indian tiger and takes a look at global efforts, explaining what can and must be done to safeguard one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful creatures from extinction.

The Life and Fate of the Indian Tiger – at Amazon.com