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Confessions: Fact or Fiction? for Free!

A priest sleeps with a parishioner…a boy loses faith in his father…a little girl ruins her cousin’s marriage…a man is imprisoned with Frog Woman…a married woman thinks she’s a slut. 22 authors confess. Find out more! Amazon will be offering Confessions: Fact or Fiction? for free from Nov 2 – Nov 5! Be sure to check […]

This Week’s Confessions: Fact or Fiction? Featured Author

For this week’s Confessions: Fact or Fiction? featured author, we are proud to present one of the editors of the book, Marian O’Shea Wernicke. I worked closely with Marian to find potential authors for the anthology of short stories and memoir. She was a tremendously helpful partner throughout the process. She also plans to read […]

NEW!! Guest Authors From Confessions: Fact or Fiction?

If you’ve been following the latest news and postings from Chrysalis Editorial, then you will be familiar with our recently published anthology Confessions: Fact or Fiction? We are very proud of the work that went into this collection of short stories and memoir, and we are certainly proud of its contributing authors. Each week over […]

“Confessions: Fact or Fiction?” is Now Available

We are happy to announce that all the hard work we  put into compiling our anthology of fiction and non-fiction stories is finally complete.  Confessions: Fact or Fiction? is now out in print!!!  It is currently available for purchase in both paperback and digital format at and through, as well as other popular […]