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Wow! A Two-Book Deal…And Then…

When you first receive word that you have a two-book deal with a publisher, you feel elated. Wow, not just one but two novels will be published. Then you realize you have to sit down and write the second one! When you signed that deal, you had no idea what the second novel would be […]

Review of Wool 1, 2, and 3 by Hugh Howey

By far this novel is the best self-published sci-fi I’ve ever read. Oh, wait, it’s actually one of the best sci-fi/dystopian novels I’ve ever read (self-published or not), and I’ve read quite a few: Everything from Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series and his Robot series, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange […]

Review of Losing Touch

Losing Touch by Sandra Hunter Review by Herta Feely Much of what kept me turning the pages of Losing Touch was Sandra Hunter’s clever prose and deft touch in describing her various characters’ vulnerabilities, foibles, desires, and often awkward behaviors. Here is one such passage from character Sunila’s point-of-view (of her husband and daughter): “They […]

By George, I think I’ve discovered a new genre of books!

There used to be Young Adult (there still is), but now there’s also New Adult! You’re all familiar with Adult fiction, Literary fiction, Women’s fiction, not to mention “Chick-Lit” and Romance. But over the past few months, I’ve read four novels that I think might constitute a new sub-category of adult/women’s fiction! A category I […]

The Writer and Depression

“Depression is more likely to occur in people who have a larger measure of life’s gifts, who tend to be more sensitive, more driven, more intelligent, more empathetic. And these very attributes are part of the vulnerability. They feel life more acutely.” – Dr. Frederick Goodwin, Former Director of the National Institutes of Health As […]

Three Steps to Improve Your Writing

We all have bad habits. Some people bite their nails, some leave dirty dishes in the sink, and some forget to foreshadow significant events in their novels. Of course, we all have ways of coping and working to better ourselves, right? The dirty dishes can just start going into the dishwasher. People can start chewing […]

Remembering Ray Bradbury

We know how fresh and original is each man, even the slowest and dullest. If we come at him right, talk him along, and give him his head, and at last say, What do you want?…every man will speak his dream. And when a man talks from his heart, in his moment of truth, he […]

To Agent or Not to Agent?

It is true that today more and more authors are jumping on the self-publishing train. However, there remains a vast body of writers out there still longing to attract the attention of the Big Six or land a deal with one of the many smaller presses out there. After all, there’s just something especially delicious […]

Five Things Writers Should Do This Summer

It is officially summertime: a time of warmer weather, longer days, and fewer school buses delaying your commute.  Why not use summer to get the inspiration flowing?  Here are five things we think every writer should do this summer.  Let us know your favorites and which of these or other ideas makes the most difference […]


Has anyone ever told you to write “for the market” rather than with your heart? Did you gawk at them in disbelief or seriously consider their advice? I recently found myself gawking. Let me explain. I’ve always been a proponent of writing for your passion. Write about the topics, characters, places, and plots that move […]

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