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“How Straight Spouses Cope When Their Partners Come Out”

You’re straight, your spouse is gay: now what?

What Simple Steps on LinkedIn can Increase your Following and your Job Opportunities?

By George Campbell In April, LinkedIn announced they have over 300 million members; enough to make LinkedIn the fourth largest country in the world! This vast network of industry professionals serve as a lucrative audience for aspiring writers. Listed below are a few methods, of which you may not previously have been aware, that you […]

Links: Oulipo, Paris, and Bad Writing Advice

Here’s a quick list of links to recent publishing and writing-related articles that we enjoyed: (Also…see the comments below and join in the discussion.  How do you get past those wasted minutes?) Jeffrey Eugenides’s Advice to Young Writers “To die your whole life. Despite the morbidity, I can’t think of a better definition of the […]

Links: David Foster Wallace, writer’s block, the suffering artist, and more

Links Are bloggers killing literary criticism? Writers and The New Happiness. David Foster Wallace and writing for approval. An interview with Bret Easton Ellis. Life advice from Faulkner. The psychology of writer’s block. The myth of the suffering artist. Notable writers’ letters.

Links: EBM’s, philosophical novels, literary tumblrs, and more

Local News Writers Room DC will open in Tenleytown in mid-October. Politics & Prose has an Espresso Book Machine (EBM) named Opus. Links Why Rob Horning doesn’t like the word literary. Brian Dillon on Roland Barthes and education. David Winters on self-consciously “philosophical” novels. MRI reveals brain’s response to reading. Your guide to literary tumblrs. […]

Writers’ New Interest in Pinterest

I resisted joining Pinterest for a while. By the time I finally created my account, pinning was a frequent part of most of my friends’ vocabulary, and I could hardly sign onto Facebook without seeing at least one link to Pinterest on my newsfeed.  Only a few months later, I already have 12 Boards and […]