Thoughts and Inspiration for Creative Writers

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The Truth About Setting

By Herta Feely This winter has taught us Easterners, especially New Englanders, a lot about snow and about the very pleasurable peaceful feeling one gets as we watch the “snow falling on cedars,” barren trees and the landscape in general. For me, at least, it replaces the drab and dreary with a kind of heavenly […]

Kieran Scott: Three Authors, One Writer

By Zakiya N. Jamal Kieran Scott, Kate Brian, and Emma Harrison. Combine these three amazing writers and you get one amazing woman: Kieran Scott. Writing two New York Times best selling series along with over 50 books Scott has taken over the young adult literary scene. As Scott churns out about two books per year […]

A Reader and a Traveler: Paris

By Jenny Gelbman Paris, France, famously known as “The City of Light” or “The City of Love,” is known throughout the world for its beauty and charm. After returning from a week-long visit to Paris as a tourist, my mind was teeming with popular sights, crepes, and ideas of romance. Still caught in a Parisian […]

Day 3: 90 Days to Your Novel

Writing character profiles: Useful or not?

Unforgettable Classics: Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird 50th Anniversary

By Caitlin MacDougall, Intern You never forget your first read of your favorite novel—at least I don’t.  In the wake of your first reading, you remember how the book became a part of you, how it shaped and defined that one period in your life, and the painful separation anxiety you felt when you realized […]

NCAA Lacrosse Playoffs–Achieving Goals

First read article, then I’ll comment on why it’s on a blog about writing. The Cornell v Loyola lax game, on Saturday (May 15th), was aired on ESPN-U, then made ESPN news, was featured in numerous newspapers, and Max’s (#33) goal made top 10 on ESPN’s sports center the following day. Max Feely’s Goal In […]

Writing is Impossible

Check out this quote from a famous novel: “There is no use trying,” said Alice, “I cannot believe impossible things.” “I dare say you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible […]

Writing Affirmation and Exercise

Everyone has a strong, unique voice. Everyone is born with creative genius. These affirmations are two of five “essential affirmations” suggested by Pat Schneider, a writing teacher/workshop leader with a unique and affirming approach.** For inspiration and “the guide that will beat the block, banish fear, and help create lasting work,” I highly recommend her […]


This castle is situated high atop a mountain in Bavaria (southern Germany). This is the land I come from. The Black Forest is the location of fairy tales, mostly dark if you think about them, i.e., Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty. (The Brothers Grimm are aptly named!) But here is a thing of beauty, […]

Tuesday Morning Inspiration

When I see a picture like this, I am reminded of the beauty that surrounds us.  At some point today, try to take a moment to travel inside this picture.  Is the wind soughing through the trees?  What are the smells?  Appreciate the light that falls in lacy patterns on the road.  Try to forget […]