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Review of The Bricks That Built the Houses by Kate Tempest

Molasses-slow backstories trip up an otherwise entertaining tale of love, ambition, and millennials in modern-day London. I love Kate Tempest’s name. I love her look, too, for its Joplin-esque qualities. And I especially love some of Tempest’s craftsmanship in her debut novel, The Bricks That Built the Houses. Tempest’s work is worth reading if only […]

The Song of Hartgrove Hall

A complicated tale of sibling rivalry set against the backdrop of a once-grand English manor. This novel is the perfect mid-winter read, especially if you’re a “Downton Abbey” fan. Curled up in front of a fire, you won’t want to stop turning the pages once you begin, so time your read carefully. Bestselling author Natasha […]

Review of Losing Touch

Losing Touch by Sandra Hunter Review by Herta Feely Much of what kept me turning the pages of Losing Touch was Sandra Hunter’s clever prose and deft touch in describing her various characters’ vulnerabilities, foibles, desires, and often awkward behaviors. Here is one such passage from character Sunila’s point-of-view (of her husband and daughter): “They […]

A Reader and a Traveler: Paris

By Jenny Gelbman Paris, France, famously known as “The City of Light” or “The City of Love,” is known throughout the world for its beauty and charm. After returning from a week-long visit to Paris as a tourist, my mind was teeming with popular sights, crepes, and ideas of romance. Still caught in a Parisian […]

Sneak Peek: A New Novel by Tom Coffey

            A big congratulation is in order for our wonderful author Tom Coffey whose novel, Bright Morning Star, has been acquired by Oak Tree Press! We at Chrysalis Literary are very proud of Tom’s work. For more on Tom, and some of his other work, go to Bright Morning […]

Beyond the Ties of Blood: Review by Herta B. Feely

Florencia Mallon Pegasus Books 371 pp. The disappearance, torture and execution of thousands of Chileans after General Augusto Pinochet overthrew the democratically elected President Salvador Allende in 1973 is a modern-day tragedy of immense proportions. It is said that in remembering the victims of the tragedy, we honor them. And I agree. To that end, […]

The Lit Pub recommends Confessions!

The Lit Pub recently recommended Confessions!  Check out the review here:

This Week’s Confessions: Fact or Fiction? Featured Author

For this week’s Confessions: Fact or Fiction? featured author, we are proud to present one of the editors of the book, Marian O’Shea Wernicke. I worked closely with Marian to find potential authors for the anthology of short stories and memoir. She was a tremendously helpful partner throughout the process. She also plans to read […]

Unforgettable Classics: Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird 50th Anniversary

By Caitlin MacDougall, Intern You never forget your first read of your favorite novel—at least I don’t.  In the wake of your first reading, you remember how the book became a part of you, how it shaped and defined that one period in your life, and the painful separation anxiety you felt when you realized […]