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Sneak Peek: A New Novel by Tom Coffey

Posted on | June 26, 2014 | 1 Comment

Oak Tree Press

Tom Coffey







A big congratulation is in order for our wonderful author Tom Coffey whose novel, Bright Morning Star, has been acquired by Oak Tree Press! We at Chrysalis Literary are very proud of Tom’s work. For more on Tom, and some of his other work, go to

Bright Morning Star is a stunning and suspenseful volley between the years 1900 and 1902, featuring Emma Pierce, the quintessential “new woman” in a changing 20th century American landscape. Tom makes it easy to root for Emma all the way through the novel, from her struggle with a restrictive life at her father’s side, to a painful break from her family and home, and finally to a brave solo career, becoming a magazine writer in New York City.

As a new reporter Emma is assigned to cover the case of a soldier returning to America from the war in the Philippines. He has been court-martialed for violent crimes against civilians and faces a 20-year prison sentence. But the case is more serious than just Emma’s first assignment. It’s personal. The convicted soldier is none other than Caleb Johnson, the quietly captivating son of a revivalist preacher, who Emma fell in love with two years earlier. It was an infatuation that led to the estrangement from her family and steered her toward living in New York.

We are proud that Tom has championed a novel that will enchant a variety of readers because it delivers it all: suspense, history, adventure, politics, and romance.

Once again, congratulations, Tom! We all look forward to reading Bright Morning Star in the spring of 2015.


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