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Five Things Writers Should Do This Summer

It is officially summertime: a time of warmer weather, longer days, and fewer school buses delaying your commute.  Why not use summer to get the inspiration flowing?  Here are five things we think every writer should do this summer.  Let us know your favorites and which of these or other ideas makes the most difference […]


Has anyone ever told you to write “for the market” rather than with your heart? Did you gawk at them in disbelief or seriously consider their advice? I recently found myself gawking. Let me explain. I’ve always been a proponent of writing for your passion. Write about the topics, characters, places, and plots that move […]

Summer Reads

Looking for a few books to bring along on your beach vacation? Try one of these new releases: Damage Control by John Gilstrap The newest book by New York Times Bestselling author John Gilstrap once again follows Jonathan Grave, a freelance hostage rescue specialist who stars in many of Gilstrap’s other books, including Threat Warning […]

Social Networking Hits Books

Maybe I am a bit ignorant, but for me social networking generally means one of two things: Facebook or Twitter.  There’s LinkedIn, but in my mind I have trouble connecting the professional world with the “social” aspect of life.  Of course, if you go way back, there’s also MySpace: a thing of the past that […]