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Confessions: Fact or Fiction? an anthology of short story and memoir

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Confessions: Fact or Fiction? a collection of memoir and short fiction written by award-winning authors from around the country. These 22 stories of love, lies, loss and betrayal explore the fragile boundary between truth and fiction.

Stories run the gamut: A priest sleeps with a parishioner.  A girl ruins her cousin’s marriage.  A man is imprisoned with frog woman.  A boy loses faith in his father.  A young woman betrays her best friend over a man.  A love story is written in the style of Kafka.

So often we read a story and wonder: is this fiction or did this really happen?  Or, events are so unbelievable they couldn’t possibly be real?  Or, you might think, of course this is based on the author’s life. Do you ever find yourself hoping that a story that’s sexy, gritty or revealing will turn out to be true?  In this unique anthology we invite you to test your literary sleuthing skills and discover which were “made up” and which actually happened.

The stories’ genres appear in a key at the back of the book, so don’t cheat.  Along with the key, authors discuss the genesis of their stories and their thoughts on the issue of fact vs. fiction, allowing you to gain insight into the author’s writing and your responses to their stories, and also to examine the accuracy of your insights and guesses.

The anthology is available in both paperback and in Kindle/Nook format for purchase at:, or, and other major retailers’ websites.

Visit us at: The official Confessions: Fact or Fiction? website, where you can also buy the book, read excerpts, meet the authors.


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