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Inspiring Advice

“It’s Ok to show you’re willing to learn, or -as I found out with my first attempt to publish a book- that you’re even willing to fail. The key is to do so with humanity, good humor and the knowledge that you’ll learn from those mistakes” –Kevin Alexander Blogger at

Joanna Stampfel-Volpe

An agent with Nancy Coffey Literary and Media Representation is dying to find a Modern Catcher in the Rye meets Stand by Me. She also seeks chapter books in the genrees of upper young adult, romance, fantasy, upmarket fiction and narrative nonfiction. Contact her at if you have anything you want to submit.

Frank McCourt

The author (1930-2009) who wrote Angela’s Ashes and other works had a tip about writing: “Sit and quiet” yourself. Luxuriate in a certain memory and the details will come. let the images flow. You’ll be amazed at what will come out on paper…It will insist on being told” – February 1999 WD